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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Selected for Participation

act, abandon your warm cotton
attack the reputable hour, diabetic

five a.m. alarm for a prick, the vibration
of a most recent meal debt, approach

curve scale, sugar, move: this
morning is not for nouns

guide—all the quiet you harbor
at this time, and somewhere

in America Elton John is playing
radio is a substance, a lethargic dust

a type 2-step waltz glycemic; competitive
name the song and it’s there

birthing insulin, stretching a million
frequencies, an emergent weight

descending ballerina, you must
have seen her dancing in the sand

burn the heart caloric, and now she's in me,
rearview mirror shake, a single ingredient

always with me, tiny dancer metabolism 
salted, breathing heavy in the mist



  1. ha. nice song...interesting clipped style too...its been a while...
    being a dancer is not the easiest thing in the messes
    quite a few up...the torture they put their bodies through...

  2. I think the accomplishments and the training we endured always stay with us - in the tiniest of ways. Sometimes my martial-artist or rugby player wants to express too.

  3. Many of my family members are diabetic, so this certainly rings a bell... The diet of a dancer certainly is not easy to live with and probably messes them up for later. A very interesting mish-mash cut of lines and thoughts, the kind of flitting randomness interspersed with our daily duties/routines...

  4. The ordeal of waking up at 5 AM getting the blood sugar right is only one of the many problem I would face. But if you need that training and exercise it's the way to go..

  5. My mother used to date someone w/ diabetes; it was a pain to have him around because he didn't take care of himself and snuck sugary foods... anyways, lovely write; a lot of nice rhythm too.

  6. Ha Ha.. i can relate as a ballet dancing martial artist in flow of rhythm and blood at over 2300 miles.. in a little over a year.. dance walking like this in stores while my wife her shopaholic ways.. as i dance the drink of water in life....

    But as free style i fear not food or weight.. at around 230Lbs of ballet flair.. from warrior dance to graceful flowing ballet weight....

    A grueling life of ballet it must to be for worrying more of form than water that underlies the grace of beauty free...

    Yes.. a little unpolished it is... around the edges.. but the innovative creative spirit.. knows no blood sugar counts.. trimmed edges around the curves.. or delight to run in grace free.. in earthly butterfly flow...

    In the past i've dealt with the opposite in hypoglycemia.. but now that i dance everywhere i go.. and do eat whatever feeds the calorie flow of upwards of 4000 in one day.. balancing on terrestrial flight..

    YES..Is the beauty of feeling free and feeling instinctual and intuitively what's right.. without instruction or control from others who 'know' better..

    i rather walk in new shoes.. of toes stretched out in feeling the sands of freedom...a sweet sandy delight.. that knows no boarders of deLIGHT of Life!..:)

  7. I really like the snappy tone and wording here..I see exactly how it must be!