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Friday, October 3, 2014

Burial Life Insurance as Little as .25 a Day

generally, through black
and isn’t the surrounding personal

is it rude to speak of blossoms, now, as if
foods change love       so often dreaming of elevation

the force is best that forces an appreciation of fruit
cool, grape animals, a morning recreation
a rectangle in satin silence

finances are no mountain any more
any dog can bark a message
music, a perfect scenery
no blog about it

no heart for climbing
the end is fruit

budgets want an elegant statue, portraits, day and
chime, all that religion
at the last moment

we dead are the growers         from previous time
forcing some tradition             breathtaking

landform, famous but for terrain
more end
less spring

fantastic earth            
celebrate on the fat
background river mountain hospitable

more produce than clockwork, opening
to $0.00 air, where there's a didn’t of flowers

you-shouldn't-have flowers sleeping on, 
            with winemaker worshipers of this
                      early valley dirt and permanence
 for wooden climate   

love food, go change
fruit forces produce
day plants and elevated—all

for the silence of a quarter
on a Friday well spent

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