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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Human Torch In Flagrante Delicto

My charcoal conspires
with an incalescent breath, a molten wind
rushing over your concrete drive like a lover
hastily reddening
her three-alarm lips, I have
what you burn for and drag it
through the oily streets, my flame
draws its tongue across the sclera
of your briquette eyes.            Eyes
sizzling deep in your
pyromantic face.         Intent, I fly
from your window,

back-drafted, you are my bed-wetter
by sadism, scratching your fingers
over the warning: close cover
before striking.            You suffer

my advance until you wake, chained
to my exothermic reaction, the heat
between us is ripe enough

to pick, our fruit
twists like a pillar of fire
and our wandering voices blaze
in the smoldering wilderness

dverse: the verbs


  1. Woo! That is some great verb action!

  2. brought the heat this evening...every line ratcheting up intensity...well done, nice line breaks as used your verbs well....

  3. quite the scene you describe...and the (e) motions provided with such great verbs!

  4. This is full of passion and heat. Very intense and vivid.

  5. oh my goodness.... full of energy and heaty intensity...whew...

  6. Strong verbs and visuals here! Bravo.

  7. Phew. "...the heat
    between us is [indeed] ripe enough
    to pick...." Great use of inflammatory verbs to energize your incandescent poem.

  8. That was quite a reaction... great use of verbs.

  9. incalescent - love that word. smoking write, Gila Mon ~