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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Roundup

All remaining 2013 Fords must go. I just don’t buy promises that there will not be any. Hallie Newcastle did it. I imagine she is here to continue the myth. Maybe it was simply too much basketball.

The Weather Service says there is a 20 percent chance of rain Thursday. On average, people swallow 1.5 liters of urine when swimming in a public pool. Your health is our main concern. The meeting opened with little fanfare. We are talking a public funded water utility here. Print free local coupons. 

He bought the van two months ago at an auction for $500. "I paid too much," he said. And Evans said the college would be allowed to have grass for sports field. View photos of Christian singles. The expenses will arrive with night terrors.

When I heard I had won, I was like, “WAAAA!” Millions are powering their homes at no cost. Built an arena then tore it down, moved it, and enlarged it. I lived in Germany for three years while in the Air Force. They suggest taking shelter in a "sturdy building."

Hi there, my name is Ashley and I’m a 27 year old married woman. Think yourself raw. Girl gets $1,000 scholarship for humongous plant. Won't grab this "tar baby" but will offer this thought. Just don’t play the machines. I smell money and will repeal it from the product vaccines. Once again, I am outraged. Show them how large you are. A fire is burning at the bicycle shop. Welcome to the circus, Johnny.

If we are to remain a "free" people, we are going to have to correct that situation. The scientific breakthrough is here. I will contact the gallon shared. My thoughts aren't complicated. I wondered how you felt about them. Don’t be left on the sidelines wishing you would have played, sign up today. I think it's the cops that have invaded. We’ve got a bad feeling about this, Poncho.

We’re not out of the hospital. His oxygen is harder to appreciate. But at least we’re off life support. Pet owners, be aware there is someone poisoning pets. Ted was reduced to three prayers.

In addition to being pit bulls, they were large, black, and loud in their kennels. How perfect of you to mail in wonder. If you live with a cat who has turned your upholstery into mere shreds, you’re probably at your wit’s end. Wake up tomorrow with an extra $6,500 in your bank account. 

The crews set fire to about 1,300 acres along the Control Road. When you get burned you should crack an egg and you won't get a scar. Every detail was negotiated. The suspect died of possibly self-inflicted gunshot wounds after a 40-minute, high-speed chase. The trigger was exhausted. When you die, your hair still grows for a couple of months.

Last night, while trying to barbecue hamburgers and hotdogs on the deck for Betsy’s birthday this interrupted us. I think the pyramids were built in less time. Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese. We know that term immediately denies the fact.

It is genetically impossible for a rose to come in the color blue. Thank you, bell ringers. Love precedes memories. One of the highlights of the wrestling season is upon us. The eagle went in for a fish, but missed. He generously motions towards November.

Things started so well for the Longhorns. I simply think that is wrong. Read more in Tuesday's paper.


dVerse Form for All
Playing with non-poetry, plagiarism, and juxtaposition.
Not sure how I feel about it, but it was fun to read aloud. 


  1. ha. this was like a cascade of the most random facts blended in to life which comes out rather weird on our hair still growing too...kinda glad i dont dig up too many dead bodies...

  2. we have become wired to want this, facts any facts no matter how they relate or if they are true... media junkies, thanks for the fix.

  3. feels a bit like watching ten TV's going at once while a pair of radios go off at the same time. cacaphonous ~

  4. Wonderful found poetry.. Like the sampling and sorting through random sentences I get the impression of having the TV in the background only getting random sentences.

  5. oh GOD! this reminds me of why i am so glad..i do not watch commercialized in general..
    or anything that quite frankly spells

    The freedom of energy inspired from within and delivered in out..
    is so much better..
    than the lives
    of so many others..
    in the wild of a culture..grown
    The off the greatest tool
    designed by man..
    in my opinion.

  6. Your facts made me glad to have grown to love the taste of the salty ocean more than the urinated pool water. yucks!