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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Namtar and the 60 Demons

From this moment, a cumulus spray
dissects the air. Grandmothers weep

into their sleeves. And so it is.
The tale of common water and sky

bathed in droplets, wedged in rat-coiled waste
along the carnival curbs.  The firefighters made

rainbows for children while hot navies anchored
their ships in their young lungs.  This day

outnumbered our creators. This day a cough
or a snot of disbelief splintered.  Shrapnel

liquidated our map-dot borders.  Through the face.
In a pinch.  By possession.  Beyond incineration.

Ring the bell, feel the bank blow open
its vault of violence in a sneeze.
This diffusion strokes our serpents, breaks our bricks,
Brings our antibodies to their knees. 

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