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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Charles Manson & the Re-emergence of Evil

Evil slithers through that portal; again
life renews its subscription to the wicked.

Its crypto-skein razes the expectorant womb
as the mother wails her tomahawk.

Her machicolated body opens, spreads
like a bad thought. He pops, hisses

and drips at the brim. Cuttlebone and phosphate
calcify around his eyes.  Those eyes

that will stare love-less-than-nilpotent
into the cameras slogging through apple pies and

flower children.  He will glare without love
his dead-of-night grin laced between slipknot gingiva.

It's the face he manifested at the nurse
when he entered like everyone, with a childbirth

awareness of breath, dry inhale, coldness and slap.
He will be claimed, and will claim

the earthly allowance of terror that hemorrhages
back again, chomping at Gaia's tit

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