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Friday, May 10, 2013

Barbie Left Bono for The Edge

Barbie would jump at anything that wiggled, shook,
pranced around in a sweaty leather jacket. It was common knowledge.

Bono jumped around, shook and pranced,
tremored a falsetto curl into the microphone. He ran his hands through
his hair and shook the sweat from his head. Barbie was wanting,
watching the show and wanting. Bono saw her
in the third row during the fifth song. He finished
the concert wanting. Barbie, all six inches of her,
swayed and pulsed with the vibrato of his wanting voice.

So they hooked up, and after a few weeks he began to shake her,
saying something like, “Don’t think you are more than you are”
or “Remember the rules.” Barbie was sick of being
treated like his toy, the way he bent and twisted her
arms and legs, tweaking her torso into ungodly positions.

He would beg her to film herself while he was gone.
She was sick of it and The Edge was sick
of Bono and Barbie bickering back and forth,
 “Six inches of plastic Yoko.”

So the Edge lured Barbie with his mysterious abandon, and she fell
head over heels. Bono began to throw bricks
through her Dream House windows with notes
like “So you are more than you are?”
or “You are in violation of rule # 21.”

Bono took to drinking while The Edge
carried Barbie off to Jungle Island, leaving her
in Tarzan’s possession, promising him that playing
with something of hers would make him
feel something of a man.

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