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Friday, November 15, 2013

Credit Score Center

I follow the split wall
down through the cage bones  

there is an urge to cup
the entrails, to bewitch

feel the carcass flow
in union with the downslope grass

meat relaxed, unlike the numbers
pressed into the casing   

snow in dialog with sun, an equinox
of hunt and hunger

shows how good it is to struggle
to redden, like indebtedness

the hammer of a final zero
its empty mouth quantified

or the revelation of three digits
quivering in the still warm cavity

rolling dice, stirring tea
spending a Saturday stacking rocks

so I can clear my throat and step
into the black, throwing it over my back

taking it to the vault to cool, and breathe
where bliss is golden

my response to the prompt of something quite ordinary

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