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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blues God

What awesome battles they are
Growing in my eyes

The humans blowing forth
Like the sixth beast on jazz river

In these last days, the sheep-goats
Seek out the Babylon night

The winds of resurrected armies
Lift the teeth and desperate hosannas

Accident people in time signature
Moving to a tribulation rendezvous

Behold, my Gospel in war days
Guyasuta in snakeskin boots

Let there be dog bite, hands for losing,
Liquor goddammed, I say, third degree

Billy club on jaw, riotously
No real law, jack-boot seat

Mezz in the crosshairs, police only
Sparking in cataract symphony

Here traffic jam, bad rap birth pangs
Here antichrist catalog, bum deal heart disease

Here sirens, screams, cat-in-tree
Here, the blues and all brutality

"I guess the moral of the story is that if you want to
entertain an American audience good, just beat their
brains out and they'll always come back for more."
       Mezz Mezzrow, Really the Blues

posted to Poets United Poetry Pantry #184


  1. interesting quote...oddly true in many ways... guyasuta...the indian? interesting touch that...esp in relation to the gospel of war...we seem to have a fascination with violence...

  2. Love the imagery in your poem! So much variation really.

  3. An interesting read and I agree with the quote - given the movies being made these days, one would think North Americans are attracted to and entertained by violence. Yikes.

  4. Enjoyed the premise of your words, the quote and terrific couplet full of energy specially towards the end ~


  5. what an enjoyable trip this read took me on. love the gritty feel of real life.

    stacy lynn mar

  6. "no real law, jack-boot seat"

    ain't it so, ain't it so ~

  7. ...too much chaos in everywhere... but that what makes us understand the true essence of sanity... a piece perfect for a performance reading... i enjoyed it... thanks... smiles...

  8. It seemed a dark and angry piece to me. Sort of the antiblues blues . . .