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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Have You Spoken

Coagulate is a beautiful word, co-
meaning together and -agulate, the eponymous

heroics once perpetrated by Agula
under grandmother’s yak-skin tent. Aristocracy

was a gorgeous demand; her mouth
jellied with the gristle of wild duck. Like this,

history’s women create words. Hygiene from the story
of Hygienea the wise midwife who rang the birthing cloth

with acidic fats. Confidence means “with Fidencia”
the Frankish bulwark who stood against

the czar and folded the edicts into insects. Pageant from full-lipped
Pagean who charmed waterfalls into rainbows. Sojourn

from the woman who walked the Americas, praying
like the ravens in Aztlán. Yasmin, tomorrow

we will speak you, beyazzed with blessings,
yasminified from fear incarnate.

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